Early Spring Foraging

Date TBD |  1:00 - 3:00pm EST  |  $25
Tracy City, TN  |  Taught by Julie

Foraging can seem intimidating, but learning from a guide really lowers the barrier to entry!

Join us for a hike around 10 private acres comprising old- and new-growth forest on the Cumberland Plateau near Foster Falls, followed by light hors d'oeuvres prepared from mushrooms and berries previously foraged on the land, including: chicken of the woods, cauliflower mushroom, and partridge berries.

We'll discuss foraging strategies and opportunities in our region, what to look for, and how to forage safely. We'll also identify and discuss some non-edible plants that are helpful to know for foraging (and some that are just plain interesting).

Foraging is always a game of chance, so we may not find anything edible during the class. But no matter what, you'll learn how to identify places where edible foods are likely to be found. Foraging is equal parts education, persistence, and luck!

10% of proceeds will be donated to support South Cumberland State Park, and we'll discuss some great areas to check out in the park. Foster Falls is just down the road, so make sure to go see it on your way home!
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About the Teacher

Your teacher Julie is a longtime fan of nature who fell in love with the Cumberland Plateau when she moved here five years ago.

She is building an off-grid cabin by hand without power tools, which gives her lots of opportunities to spend time in the forest and look for food. (Hors d'oeuvres will be served at the aforementioned cabin!)

She is a strong advocate for wilderness protection and local, plant-based eating, which has fueled her passion for foraging.

Additional Details

Class Location

This class will be held on private forested land near Tracy City, which is a scenic 45 minute drive from downtown Chattanooga.

Exact location information will be sent to participants once the class is finalized.